Exciting things happening at The Club in the next Month

We just wanted to keep you informed of what is happening at the club.  We apologize for the last notice, but we are a little at the mercy of the construction company that will be doing the projects.  We will be starting several projects at the club in the next month.  These projects will help with drainage of the course and have a direct impact on revenue.  We ask for your patience while the projects are taking place.

  1. The driving range tee ~ we will be starting construction on the tee immediately.  The tee box is going to be leveled so there are more flat areas to hit from and make your practice time/experience more beneficial. The tee will also be made wider and deeper to gain more hitting area to save the tee box from overuse over the course of the summer. We are also redoing the bunker to make it more useable.
  2. The tee box will be closed for 3 to 4 weeks.
  3. There will be a temporary tee so you can continue to practice while the project is going on.
  1. Hole # 2 will be gaining a drainage culvert to help the large hole in the fairway to drain properly. This should not affect play too much, but we just ask you to be conscious of the workers when you are playing.
  1. We will be adding drain tile and culverts to hole # 8.  This is quiet and extensive project.
  2. Drain tile and culverts will be added from about 100 yards and in.
  3. The fairway in that area will be dug up leveled and sloped correctly to allow for better drainage. Then new sod will be added to this area.
  4. The area between Hole 8 fairway and Hole 9 tee box will be dugout and a holding area will be added.
  5. A new bunker will be added to the right side of Hole 8 green.  This will have a couple of functions.  First, it will help frame the hole a little bit better.  Second, and most important, it will help push cart traffic on the right side further away from the green so you will have a better lie while pitching up on to the green.
  6. We do not know the exact dates yet in August but there will be days that we will have a temporary green on hole 8.
  7. We also ask that you are cautious and conscious of when the workers are on that hole.

We believe the all the projects are beneficial to the course, our members and general public. So, again we ask for your patience while the projects take place.  It will mean less time the course will be closed during rainy seasons.  This is the perfect time for the project since it has been dry so the project will not get delayed.  The less time the course is closed due to drainage issues means more revenue.  We believe that improving the range will result in more use that will also result in more revenue. The board is continually long for ways to improve the club.  We are in the planning stages of other things.  We are excited to help the club grow and improve are overall product.

If you have any question, please feel free to call John Blanke.

Thank You,

Your Board of Directors

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